How to Stop Hiding and Start Shining in Your Career - Ep. 88

DNA of a Professional Podcast

Apr 30 2023 • 24 mins

If you are invisible how can they promote you? As a high-achieving professional, you must bring your expertise and skills into plain sight. In this episode, your host Tareka Wheeler will share four strategies you can start using today to stop hiding and to start shining in your career. It's important for the right people to see and hear you, but how? Tareka will share ways you will be able to quickly and consistently show up in multiple areas of your career. By learning and implementing these strategies, you will position yourself for advancement in your career so that you can experience the success you deserve and desire. KEY POINTS: Increasing your visibility in the workplace is essential to your career advancement. Professionals should identify their areas of expertise and take deliberate steps to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Building a strong professional network is crucial for career visibility. Speaking up and communicating your value is important to advancing in your career. Consider visibility when creating your SMART goals. EPISODE RESOURCES: - Visit  - Schedule a Free Discovery Call! Let's talk about where you are and where you want to be in your career or business - Ask a Career Question! Have a career development or work-life harmony questions? Email Tareka at and use the subject line "Career Question". - Learn More! Visit to download free resources and explore her career development services at  Be sure to sign up for the Achiever Community email list to get weekly affirmations, career strategies, notifications about upcoming trainings, and so much more. Sign Up Today! Follow Tareka on social media: LinkedIn | Tareka Wheeler _PMP - IG | @professional_dna - FB | @ProfessionalDNA - Twitter | @YourPDNA - --- Send in a voice message: