Finding Financial Peace - Episode 1 - Financial First Aid - Out MONDAY 5th September!

Finding Financial Peace

Jul 20 2022 • 38 seconds

John Mellis and Wendy Fleming look at the times we're living in with rising inflation and a cost of living crisis, and Wendy explains some of the things we can do to make ourselves as financially robust as possible in the hopes we can weather any oncoming financial storm.

The podcast is easier to understand if you first access some of the free resources made available by Ditch Debt With Dignity enabling you to work along with us as the episode plays.

Wendy offers hints and guidance for some of the financial aspects of your life you might want to try and get in order, or check off on our list to make sure you're already doing the right thing.

Everything from Life Assurance to Emergency Funds, it's all right here, on Finding Financial Peace.

Episode 1 is out on Monday,  September 5th.

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