Embracing the Saboteur with Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris

Multi-Passionate Artists with Diane Foy

Jun 3 2021 • 49 mins

Hello and welcome to episode 70 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

Let's talk transformations...By now, you probably know that I am a branding and PR coach for artists, musicians, and actors, but today I want to shift gears to talk about the transformation my coaching can do for you!

I believe that in order to attract fans, media, and industry you need to explore your purpose, identity, and story which is all a part of personal branding. With an authentic personal brand along with social media and communication strategies, you can be unstoppable.

That’s why people like Tamara Maddalen had such a breakthrough and went from overwhelmed without a plan to successfully launching her Mint Green Mercury album.

By exploring her authentic artist identity, she was able to fearlessly pursue her passions and attract loyal fans, media coverage, and music industry opportunities. She is now also 1/3 of country music’s hottest new trio New Moon Junction.

Tamara is just one of my client success stories and I’d love for you to experience this transformation, too. So for a limited time, I’m offering a free introductory coaching session for listeners of this podcast. Visit dianefoy.com/booking

My guest today isDr. Natasha Kassam Paris who is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) Practitioner. She uses her diverse clinical background, rich cultural heritage, and lived experiences to help women of color transform every facet of their lives and create a new sense of belonging.

Dr. Natasha is a part of the Six Figure Coach Club that I am in as our mindset coach. I have also taken her Embracing the Saboteur workshop which is available for free right now on her website. You can learn how to douse self-sabotage with attention, curiosity, and compassion. You'll be introduced to powerful, self-care practices that can help you leap beyond your sabotage behaviors and reactive post-trauma responses.

As another one of my mentors, Jasmine Star would say “Prepare your heart” because we go deep and I know that it will inspire you.

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