Episode 16 World Literature: Theories, Methods and Debates

The Global Novel: a literature podcast

Mar 18 2022 • 34 mins

What is world literature? How do we define its scope and nature? This episode will cast a critical lens at the current theories, methods and debates on world literature, which moves in and between countries and cultures. By investigating canonical works of leading theorists, we will get a sense of how institution shapes its discourse around the field. In doing so, we will develop aesthetic, ethical and pedagogical reflections towards a more constructive sense of “world literature."

Reading list (paid links):
Introduction chapters of the following books:
The Princeton Sourcebook in Comparative Literature: From the European Enlightenment to the Global Present. 2009.
David Damrosch, What is World Literature?2003.
Emily Apter, Against World Literature 2013.
Pascale Casanova, The World Republic of Letters. 2004.
Christopher Predergast, Debating World Literature,  2004.

Editors at N+1, "World-lite: What is Global Literature" (free link)

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