[Taking Full Ownership Series] Professional Growth is In Your Hands

Owning the Wait

May 11 2023 • 28 mins

We are discussing professional growth and what you can do to take control of your own career development.

We delve into the importance of having a growth mindset and taking ownership of your career development. It's crucial to have a desire to grow individually and constantly seek to improve ourselves. By doing so, we can become more valuable to our organizations and achieve greater success in our careers.

We will touch on the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, aligning individuals with their comparative advantage, listening to feedback, becoming aware of our personal gaps, and learning how to learn.

[2:00] One huge benefit of finding a friend that can challenge you with your passion in a healthy manner.

[3:30] Why should you have a desire to grow individually?

[6:50] The importance of having a growth mindset and taking your career into your own hands.

[8:30] What is the value in putting your team members into roles that align with their comparative advantage and listening to their feedback?

[12:45] How and why you should become aware of your personal gaps in order to improve your value to your organization.

[17:15] Why you need to learn how to learn.

[21:45] Surround yourself with the right people that can challenge you and give you advice.

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