Solar Plexus Chakra

SHE Talks

Jan 27 2023 • 30 mins

A conversation about the solar plexus chakra and ways to develop energetic boundaries, self-care and confidence.

Episode Invitation:

Sit in a comfortable position for a few minutes and visualize an open field where you invite the person who seems to need your energy the most. This person doesn't feel they create their own energy and so allow them to come this field and stand in front of you. Let yourself feel all the emotions attached to the person.

Now bring your attention to your Solar Plexus, your stomach area; visualize a fine silvery energy cord that reaches from your solar plexus to their solar plexus, this silver cord that creates the link, the attachment to each other. See it radiate and pulsate as it feeds the energy connection. Every time you even think about this person or be in contact with this person, the link between you is being strengthened.

Now imagine that you have a big pair of golden scissors in your hands, and with love, visualize yourself cutting through this energy cord with the scissors. Detaching your energy from this person and attach their cord to source energy. Now surround the person with healing green light, bless them with love and feel the release around your solar plexus. Pull any remaining energy back into your solar plexus and tell yourself “I bring all my energy back to me”. Now cover and seal your solar plexus chakra with thick yellow light. You hold your own power with love, and they have been connected to infinite universal source love energy!

How do you feel when you come back to your body and end the meditation?

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