Root Chakra with Aggie

SHE Talks

Apr 23 2023 • 51 mins

A conversation about the root chakra and ways to develop techniques to ground, connect and make us feel supported.

Episode Invitation:

Stand on grass, sand or in a lake or ocean, preferably bare foot and feel roots extending from the bottom of your feet down into the ground beneath you. Feel yourself be one with surface beneath you and supported by the earth. Feel yourself be provided for and breathe into the support holding you. Episode Mentions: for all the beautiful practitioners available for both online and in person sessions discussed in this episode. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to hit the subscribe button on your podcast feed if you’d like to submit a voice message to be used on future episodes go to Visit for more info about services and events and to grab your FREE chakra journal. Links: Aggie can be found at ⁠ Aggie Gentle – Ali can be found at Website Podcast Instagram Facebook This episode is sponsored by Anchor, the easiest way to make a podcast Email for episode ideas, questions and comments.

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