Rael Levitt - Thriving through business Tsunamis

Expedition Business

Apr 9 2024 • 53 mins

Rael Levitt has been the Golden Boy of the Auctioneering industry in South Africa, but this all changed at the fateful Quin Rock Auction on 10 December 2011.  His entire legacy fell to pieces.

But this is not where the story ends.

A couple of marathons, two International Masters' Degrees, and just over a decade later Rael has managed to reinvent himself.  Bigger & better.  In fact, he has aced the reinvention so well, that deserves Reinvention Platinum Status.

The dramas he faced shaped him for bigger and better journeys ahead.  And in-between he learned how to navigate away from the 20th floor.  Or so it seems.

If you need some serious inspiration, this is one Expedition Business episode that you must listen to from beginning to end.

In the car, at the gym, or in your tekkies on the road.

Expedition Business is hosted by Christél Rosslee-Venter.

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