Paige Terlip Interview - Where We Discuss Queries, Dream Clients, and Her Agenting Journey

MG Book Party

Feb 14 2022 • 43 mins

We had SO much fun interviewing Paige Terlip, literary agent with Andrea Brown Literary Agency! Paige shares her joy at working with this fantastic agency. She gives tips for querying, shares her Manuscript Wish List, talks about dream clients, and her role as a career agent.

Paige has worked at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency since 2017, an agency consistently ranked #1 in juvenile sales by Publishers Marketplace. First as an Assistant for Executive Agent Laura Rennert, then as an Assistant Agent, and now as an Associate Agent.

Prior to joining ABLA, she worked at Candlewick Press and Charlesbridge Publishing. She has also worked in a variety of jobs outside of publishing, from communications and marketing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to scooping horse poop at a ranch in the Rockies. She has an MA in Children’s Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons University. If she is not reading, you’ll find her practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, rewatching the Great British Baking Show, or hiking with her pup.

Though Paige is currently closed to queries (1/28/22), I'm sure she'll be open again soon, and You can go here to check if she's available to query, or reach out to any of her colleagues at Andrea Brown Literary Agency!

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