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EMF what are the risks?
Aug 27 2021
EMF what are the risks?
EMF has adverse health effects including cancer. Hardell's studies show an association (perhaps causal) between cell phone and cordless phones and glioblastomas and acoustic neuromas. The American Toxicology study shows adverse effects after long term exposure to cell phone radiation: • Increased incidences of glioma (a rare, aggressive and highly malignant brain cancer) as well as schwannoma (a rare tumor of the nerve sheath) of the heart were found in both sexes of rats, but reached statistical significance only in males. • Increased incidences of rare, proliferative changes in glial cells of the brain and in Schwann cells (nerve sheath) in the heart of both sexes of rats, while not a single unexposed control animal developed these precancerous changes. • DNA damage was induced with both modulations of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in both rats and mice (mixed results in tissues and brain regions). • Results from this study clearly show that biological impacts occur at low power, non- thermal exposures like those that take place from cell phones today. Hugh Taylor (Yale) and also Suleyman Kaplan from Turkey performed independent studies showing that fetal rodent exposure to cell phones results in brain changes in the offspring particularly in the hippocampus There are simple answers for people to reduce their EMF exposures and therefore their lifetime cumulative buildup, as EMF radiations are cumulative, the same as x-ray radiation. Since we are surrounded by electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, and we are electromagnetic beings, it is imperative that we learn the broad scope of how our wireless world is creating havoc in every cell in our body. People are not feeling well, yet their symptoms are not in their doctors’ textbooks as this is a whole new phenomenon, with standard laboratory tests all coming back negative. What are healthy ways to mitigate EMF exposure.