Play isn’t an activity, it’s an attitude

Why Play Works.

May 15 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Start a conversation with, “do you think a hotdog is a sandwich?” and see the playful reaction.

Catherine Price is an advocate of bringing people together in a playful manner whether it’s a conversation with a stranger, a dinner party, at work or even Zoom.

Catherine helps people scroll less, live more, and have fun.

She is a science journalist, speaker, teacher, consultant, and the author of several.

Catherine is also the founder of, a resource hub dedicated to helping people create more intentional relationships with technology and reconnect with what really matters to them in life.

Things to consider

  • Create deeper and engaging conversations with people by asking more interesting openers
  • Bantering with people is a form of play
  • There's often an assumption that only certain activities qualify as play.
  • Play and fun aren’t an activity they are an attitude or a feeling
  • Fun and playfulness actually bring us closer together  as human beings.
  • If you do have to use willpower to keep doing some activity that's being marketed to you as play, then it's not play anymore.
  • Fun is any moment when three states coincide; playfulness, and connection and flow. This can definitely happen at work. Even on Zoom!
  • Rules and structure can give people permission to be playful in an unexpected context.


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