The strength within us all

Holding on to Hope

Sep 9 2023 • 47 mins

On World Suicide Prevention Day, we bring you a two-part series shedding light on a topic often cloaked in silence. In this episode, we delve into the inspiring stories of two individuals who battled despair and emerged as beacons of strength.

Meet Emily, a 27-year-old who faced diverse challenges, from identity exploration to mental health struggles. Then, there's Ian, who overcame a traumatic past to become a military veteran, father, and suicide prevention advocate.

These stories remind us that each journey is marked by unique struggles and triumphs.


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Hosted by Ruben

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Special thanks to Tom for sharing her story.

Lifeline would like to acknowledge the lives lost to suicide and recognize those who have survived suicide attempts. And those who struggle today or in the past with thoughts of suicide, mental health issues and crisis situations, we acknowledge all those who have felt the deep impact of suicide, including those who love, care and support people experiencing suicidality and those experiencing the pain and bereavement through suicide. We respect collaboration with people who have a lived or living experience of suicide and mental health issues and value their contribution to the work we do.