Amy Raimundo: Looking for the Next Big Breakthrough in Healthcare

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Jul 27 2022 • 35 mins

Amy Raimundo has over 15 years of experience as a VC investing in MedTech, diagnostics, and digital health startups. In this episode, Amy shares where her love for health and Medtech began, her passion for connecting female leaders in the medical device and healthcare technology sector, and how she has seen women leadership roles in Medtech evolve through the years. She also talks about the data evolution in healthcare, her experience with startups, and how the medical device world has changed over the last decade.


(1:42) - Amy’s first steps into the healthcare technology world - “My first job out of college was doing management consulting for health systems because it was sort of the perfect blend of the two.”

(03:56) - Data download marathon: The unconventional story of how Amy got interested in medical devices - “I slept under a desk that night to keep the thing processing so that I could fly back on Monday with new data.”

(08:02) -  Inspired to be more: On female leadership recognition in medtech & Amy’s MBA experience - “Junior high and elementary school people are completely influenced by what they see and whether or not that inspires an interest or makes them think ‘Oh, that could be me’.”

(18:25) - Working in Evidation - “Where we started was in a windowless room. Seven of us sit around a U-shaped table with what I call cath lab lighting.”

(23:58) - The newest ways connectivity and medical software are creating better devices - “I used to travel around with, you know, a plastic model  and go to conferences, cross the ocean to get an opportunity to train somebody briefly.”

(29:13) - Witnessing the rise of healthcare technology from the operational side and as an investor - “It’s really important to have the operational level touchdown to why something is gonna happen and why something is not going to happen, because I want to impact change, and I want to have an influence on that.”


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