What you need to know about the WSET Level 1

Wine 101 with Brainscape

Dec 18 2023 • 18 mins

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In this podcast, our wine writer Thea Beckman sits down with Andrew Unsworth AKA The Grape Explorer / thegrapeexplorer , to discuss all things related to the WSET level 1 wine exam. He shares his experience to get you prepped for your WSET exam day!

In this podcast, you'll learn about:
0:00​ - Intro
1:15 - Reasons you may consider taking the WSET wine qualifications.
2:22 - Who should take the WSET Level 1?
3:45 - What’s the most challenging part of the WSET Level 1?
6:15 - Types of wine you might taste during WSET Level 1.
7:05 - How hard is the WSET Level 1 exam?
8:30 - Best study tips for WSET wine exams.
11:08 - How to use flashcards to study for the WSET Level 1 exam.
12:05 - Do you have to take the WSET Level 1 exam before taking the WSET Level 2 exam?
14:04 - Who is The Grape Explorer?

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*Disclaimer: Brainscape has worked with top wine experts to supplement the official publications and preparation offered by WSET.  We are not officially endorsed by or connected to WSET itself.

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