How this Founder powered back from a $100,000 lawsuit that nearly destroyed his business

From Founder To CEO

Dec 1 2021 • 23 mins

When you meet Chideha for the first time, you immediately know.

You know he is a special person.

You know he cares about every person he comes into contact with.

You know that he strives for excellence in everything his does.

You know he actually is learning from YOU and incorporating YOUR life's lessons into HIS life.

And, these are also the many reasons why I like his book.

In this interview, Chideha talks about:

---> How his grandfather's assault from KKK members impacted him as a man and entrepreneur

---> The valuable lesson he learned about the power of referrals

---> What he did to recover from a painful "non-compete" lawsuit that nearly destroyed him and his business

It's an incredible interview because Chideha is so transparent and willing to share HIS life's lessons.