Mastering Feedback: The Art of Constructive Criticism

Resilience Is Everything: Personal Growth & Leadership Insights To Win Big

Dec 3 2016 • 16 mins

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  • Summary: Speaker discusses the challenge of giving negative feedback to sensitive or arrogant individuals without causing hurt feelings, emphasizing the importance of feedback in personal and professional growth.
Core Concept: The PSP Formula for Feedback
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  • Summary: Introduction of the PSP (Praise, Share, Praise) formula as an effective method for delivering feedback across various relationships and settings, including personal and professional environments.
Detailed Explanation of PSP:
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  • Summary: Breakdown of the psychological rationale behind the PSP method:
    • Praise: Start by affirming the individual’s positive qualities to create a safe emotional space.
    • Share: Constructively present the negative feedback, focusing on specific behaviors or performances that require improvement.
    • Praise Again: Conclude with further affirmation to reinforce self-esteem and leave the conversation on a positive note.
Real-life Application and Examples:
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  • Summary: Discussion on identifying positive traits in difficult individuals and the significance of distinguishing between a person's behavior and their inherent qualities.
Techniques for Effective Feedback Delivery:
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  • Summary: Strategies for delivering negative feedback, including disassociation techniques to separate the person from their behaviors, thereby minimizing defensive reactions.
Conclusion: Vision and Aspiration Focus
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  • Summary: Encouragement to end feedback sessions on a high note by discussing the recipient’s aspirations and offering support to achieve their goals, reinforcing the positive impact of feedback.
Final Thoughts:
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  • Summary: Recap of the PSP strategy and its benefits, especially for HR professionals, with a call to action to apply this approach in daily interactions to foster growth and improvement.
Speaker: Rene (Pseudonym)
  • Role: Motivational speaker and consultant specializing in interpersonal communication and personal development.
  • For Human Resources (HR) Professionals