What’s Stopping You From Living Your Dream?

Resilience Is Everything: Personal Growth & Leadership Insights To Win Big

Jan 5 2015 • 17 mins

Episode Summary

In this motivational episode, the speaker delves deep into the common fears and self-imposed barriers that hinder us from achieving our dreams. With personal anecdotes and practical advice, the speaker encourages listeners to take decisive action towards realizing their aspirations.


[00:00:29] - Introduction to Personal Barriers

  • The speaker challenges listeners to examine what holds them back from living their dreams, sharing his own journey towards becoming a motivational speaker.

[00:01:46] - Spiritual Motivation and Intuition

  • Reflections on listening to one's inner voice or spiritual calls as legitimization for pursuing personal dreams.

[00:03:07] - Challenges of Public Perception

  • Discusses the societal challenges and criticisms encountered when he began sharing his personal stories of poverty.

[00:04:29] - Overcoming External Approval

  • Emphasizes the importance of not waiting for external permission to act on one’s ambitions.

[00:05:42] - Making Decisive Actions

  • Inspirational story of how the speaker started his career with minimal resources and faced linguistic barriers.

[00:06:59] - Developing Skills and Expertise

  • The importance of self-education and continuous improvement is highlighted through the speaker's journey of learning from others’ writings.

[00:08:16] - Importance of Initiative and Speed

  • Advises on the necessity of acting swiftly on one’s ideas to prevent missed opportunities and regrets.

[00:09:43] - Facing Rejection and Persistence

  • Encourages resilience in the face of rejection, using personal experiences of overcoming numerous noes to finally achieving yeses.

[00:11:04] - The Power of Persistence

  • Continues discussing the theme of persistence in pursuing dreams despite frequent rejections and the value of just starting regardless of perfect conditions.

[00:13:26] - The Role of Vision in Success

  • The concept of ‘vision’ is explored, emphasizing how a clear vision can pave the way for achieving one's goals.

[00:14:46] - Realizing Your Potential

  • Concludes with a powerful call to action for listeners to step into the unknown and trust in their abilities to succeed.
Key Quotes
  1. "You cannot wait for somebody to give you the permission to start living your dream." - On taking personal initiative.

  2. "Decision, I believe, comes from the Latin word 'decidere', which means to cut off any other possibilities." - On making firm decisions.

  3. "Money loves speed...don’t wait until you have all the ducks in a row." - Advice on taking swift actions to capitalize on opportunities.

Listener Engagement
  • Call to Action: Listeners are invited to reflect on what specific dreams they are not pursuing and to share their reasons or experiences on social media using [#ChasingDreamsPodcast].

  • Interactive Segment: Submit your personal story about overcoming barriers to success; the most inspiring stories will be featured in future episodes.

Reflections and Activities
  • Journal Prompt: Write about a time you overcame a personal barrier to achieve something important to you. What motivated you to keep going?

  • Activity Suggestion: Create a vision board that illustrates your dreams and goals. Use this as a daily reminder of what you’re striving towards.