How To Finally Stop Going Through The Motions And Escape The Rat Race

Resilience Is Everything: Personal Growth & Leadership Insights To Win Big

Jan 29 2017 • 21 mins


  • Reflections on feeling stuck and unfulfilled despite having numerous degrees and skills.
  • Inspiration drawn from the song "Going Through the Motions" by Matthew West.
Key Discussion Points
  1. Understanding the Rat Race: Exploring what the "rat race" means on a personal level, whether it's being stagnant in a career, business, or personal life.

  2. Three Ways to Escape the Rat Race:

    • Gather and Store New Seeds: Emphasizing the importance of continually updating skills and knowledge to stay relevant in today's fast-paced world.
      • Suggestions include revisiting classic motivational books and embracing new educational resources such as online courses.
    • Protect and Defend Your Territory: The necessity of safeguarding one's progress from negativity and setbacks, illustrated by personal anecdotes and broader advice.
    • Clear Your Dead Stocks: Discussing the need to let go of outdated relationships and habits that hinder growth.
Practical Steps to Take Control:
  • Continuous Learning: Highlighting the difference between reading and studying. Recommendations for starting with motivational books and progressing to specialized subjects like AI and cloud computing.
  • Investing in Personal Development: The benefits of acquiring new skills through platforms like LinkedIn Learning.
  • The Role of Coaches: Advocating for coaching as a tool to accelerate personal and professional growth, using examples from sports and politics.
Listener Questions and Interaction
  • Encourage listeners to reflect on their own "rat race" experiences and share strategies that have helped them navigate challenges.
  • Open the floor to questions about personal development and career advancement.
  • Recap the main points: gathering new knowledge, protecting achievements, and clearing out the old.
  • Encourage listeners to take active steps toward personal growth and not to settle for going through the motions.