Ep 12: Types of Risk to be Aware of

Your Sweet Retirement with Josh Greenberg

Sep 15 2022 • 10 mins

Most people don’t realize how many types of risks they need to guard themselves against when it comes to financial planning. Some aren’t even fully aware of the current risks they are taking!

Inflation rates may have you taking another look at your investment strategies. In this episode, we touch base on what you need to look out for as you reassess your current plan to protect your future.

Check out what you’ll learn in this episode:

·       What is market risk and how do you deal with it? (1:24)

·       Why you should be aware of interest rate risk. (4:00)

·       High inflation could mean you need to reassess your retirement plan. (5:06)

·       Longevity risk: Will you outlive your money? (7:19)

For more, visit us online:http://yoursweetretirement.com

For more, visit us online: http://yoursweetretirement.com