Pernilla Johansson - Electrolux - The Evolving Role of the CDO

Business X Design

Nov 30 2021 • 58 mins

In this episode, I am joined in conversation by Pernilla Johansson, who when we were recording this, was stepping down as the Chief Design Officer of Electrolux.

Pernilla shares her own journey through Design from Philips to Electrolux, from going deep into the belly of industrial design processes, working across global teams through to setting up brand new teams in territories.

We reflect on the crucial moment of being asked to take the reigns as Chief Design Officer at Electrolux, how the role of Design Leadership evolves at the moment and how Pernilla chose to approach the challenge of elevating the impact that Design can have in a corporation.

Corporate Purpose, organisational structure, business models, cross-silo collaboration and bottom-up change all play a part in her story which she shares with us in this episode.  Finally, we discuss the crucial role of the CDO in a diverse executive team made up of specialists and generalists.

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