Bridging the Political Divide - Part 1 (Melissa)

Think Outside the Lines with Shawn Feeney

Aug 8 2023 • 31 mins

Hi. It’s been a minute.

If you’ve been subscribed to the show, thanks for sticking with me, and I hope this episode is a welcome return to your podcast feed.

If you’re a new subscriber—welcome, and thanks for joining.

When I started the show back in 2015, Donald Trump was a mere blip on the political radar, and the political landscape wasn’t nearly as tumultuous as it has become in 2023.

Through the political chaos in the US and a once in a lifetime pandemic, I took a break from the show for a while because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, or how to use a platform like this at all, let alone responsibly.

My goal with the show has always been to provide a platform of inspiration and to challenge perspectives on how we see the world, and more importantly, how we might make it a better place. For everyone. So it is through that lens that I return with new episodes featuring conversations on topics that matter to me, with folks who have a similar perspective on life.

And when I do give voice to those who might not share my perspective on something, my goal is to drive the conversation forward in a civil, productive way—and from the perspective that we are all sharing this crazy experience called life, together. And the goal for all of us should be to leave things better than we found them.

I hope that’s how you see the world too—and I hope that these conversations will leave you better and smarter.

And while I still intend to speak with experts on current and interesting topics, I'll also be taking a different approach to some of my conversations moving forward. It's great to hear from the experts--but what do everyday folks think--and where are their voices in the conversation?

So before I dive back in to my typical one on one interviews, I wanted to speak to some every day people about what is on their mind. I really enjoy this format, and I have a few ideas for other topics in the coming months.

In this first series of episodes, I'm speaking with three thoughtful and intelligent women in my life about the current political landscape here in the US (where I live and record my show).

You'll hear from three different people from diverse backgrounds--all of whom have a unique perspective on where we are, where they would like for us to be, and how we might get there.

Politics is an incredibly important topic in our lives, regardless of your background.

It's a topic that was rather taboo once upon a time--but not anymore. We've become so polarized and dug in to our beliefs that it's often hard to hear through all of the noise.

I thought it would be interesting to step away from the traditional political pundits that you are likely used to hearing from, and instead turn our attention to everyday Americans, their stories and insights on how we might reconcile our differences.

I know these can often feel like treacherous and impossible times. But I believe that Together, through thoughtful and intelligent conversation, we can find the common ground that unites us, and work toward a brighter, more inclusive future for all of us.

I thank you for listening, and for daring to think outside the lines...

First up, my conversation with Melissa.

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