The Simple Question Every Leader Should Ask Themself with Joelle Jay

Real Life Real Leaders

Jul 25 2023 • 37 mins

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? For many, success can often lead to burnout, and in this episode, renowned executive coach and author Joelle Jay shares her expert insights on overcoming burnout and finding personal fulfilment. With impressive experience coaching high-level leaders, Joelle emphasizes the importance of stepping back to evaluate one's well-being and finding ways to do things that work for you. Joelle offers practical tools and advice for intentional and strategic vision-setting and highlights the crucial role of seeking support when feeling overwhelmed. Further key points throughout include:

  • An introduction to Joelle Jay
  • It's okay to permit yourself to follow your heart
  • The road to coaching and becoming an expert in reflection
  • The stages of burnout, overwhelm and disengagement
  • The common theme amongst high achievers
  • Finding a life-line transformation model
  • The benefits of having a strong support system
  • The importance of deep reflection, journaling and acknowledging successes
  • From low to thriving: advice for regaining your happiness

"Executive Coaching gives people the opportunity to slow down and think about what they're doing, to choose their vision, to pursue their vision and to think about their own life." – Joelle Jay.

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