Get Smart The Podcast with Alan Borges the Legendary Hospitality Middle Management Coach

Get Smart The Podcast

Jun 10 2023 • 12 mins

Get Smart The Podcast with Alan Borges the Legendary Hospitality Middle Management Coach.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to delve into the dynamic world of franchise hospitality and unlock the secrets to success with our next guest. Joining us today is Alan Borges, a seasoned expert in the franchise industry with over two decades of experience in the QSR/Fast casual sector across Australia.

With a remarkable background in leadership development for multisite franchise owners and Operations/Area/State managers, Alan is the go-to strategist for navigating the challenges of workplace relationships and team engagement. His expertise lies in raising the level of influential people skills, empowering Franchisees and Mid-level managers to prioritise and execute with speed and ease while saving valuable time, stress, energy, and money.

But Alan's journey hasn't always been a smooth ride. From being fired as a teenager for not knowing how to knead the dough properly to now running his own franchise leadership consultancy, his relentless determination has shaped his remarkable path. Alan's commitment to making a lasting impact is evident through the countless managers he has helped transform, leaving a long-lasting mark on their professional lives.

Beyond the confines of his consultancy, Alan's personal interests lie in the captivating realms of psychology and the power of relationships in the workplace. It's intriguing to discover that someone with shy introverted tendencies would choose a profession centred around conversations and building relationships, but it turned out to be one of his superpowers.
When he's not immersed in his coaching programs for his clients, you'll find Alan engaging in one-on-one conversations with ambitious individuals, sharing insights at a local café all over Melbourne Australia.

Today, Alan joins us on this conversational, educational, and storytelling podcast to shed light on the dire need for coaching and development systems in franchising, especially for those managing from the middle of the hierarchy. He passionately believes that taking ownership of your skill gaps and seeking development and support is crucial to succeeding in the industry, as no one will care as much about your professional growth and development as much as you do.

To connect with Alan Borges and tap into his wealth of experience, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn or Facebook. Simply search for "ImAlanBorges," and discover a world of valuable insights. If you're looking for a like-minded community of passionate professionals, be sure to join his private Facebook Group, "The Operations Managers Hub" where he shares deep learnings that you can implement immediately that you wish you would’ve been told earlier in your career.

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