Why You Need to Talk to People Outside of Your Industry

Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Mar 25 2021 • 17 mins

Who do you talk to about your blog and online biz? I know if you're like me you probably have a group of blog online besties that you talk to about everything. I mean everything about how you're feeling unmotivated because you had a fight with your mom. About the jerk who dumped you the day before Valentine's Day. Friends that you email when you're lacking motivation or need feedback.

You might even talk to your friends about it who don't totally understand it and have no interest in owning a business or running a blog but they support you. I'm a big believer in having that circle of friends but do you have anyone that you talk to that owns a brick and mortar store? Someone who might operate a product-based business while you have a service-based one? In this episode, I dive into the benefits of talking to people outside of your industry to help your business grow.