370: How to Break Through Constraints and Living a Fulfilling Life with Sheila Wilkinson

You Are The Brand

Mar 14 2023 • 31 mins

Share some powerful and emotionally-charged moments with host Mike Kim and Sheila Wilkinson.

Sheila is a Louisiana Licensed Attorney, a Louisiana Licensed Master Social Worker, an Educator, an Empowerment Coach, and the host of the “What Would Sheila Say?” Podcast. Sheila combines her love for the law, social work, and education to help lawyers, creatives, and other service-based professionals and business owners transform pain, frustration, and unreasonable expectations at work into happiness, success, and healthy boundaries, so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sheila splits her time between New Orleans and Brussels, serves several nonprofits in the Greater New Orleans area, and provides services across the globe. Whenever Sheila’s clients need to make a decision and are stuck, all they have to do is ask themselves:

“What would Sheila say?” … and like magic, they have their answer!

You, too, may have (or re-think) some answers, as Mike and Sheila discuss:

  • Five paradigms for reconnecting our intellectual and emotional selves
  • How grief is a part of the reconnection process
  • How Sheila could have been a rocket scientist
  • How she manages a trans-Atlantic life


Sheila's Strategies and Swipe Script Templates for Better Boundaries: https://sheilawilkinson.com/scripts

Website: https://sheilawilkinson.com

Instagram: @sheilamwilkinson (https://instagram.com/sheilamwilkinson)

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