Using Customer Support to Scale Your Business

A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders

Nov 26 2023 • 29 mins

Customer service is often talked about but not often delivered.  In fact, it is one of the biggest complaints that both businesses and consumers have.

Most say that the companies they do business with offer poor service - or even no service at all.

Companies are looking to cut costs and customer service is typically the first department to get hit.

Yet customer service might be the key to growing your business - particularly in highly competitive markets.

In this episode we’re joined by Greg Rich, CEO of Vivantio,  a company that uses automation to help companies leverage customer service to scale their business.

In this podcast Greg talks about:

The biggest (and costliest) mistake companies make around customer service.

How to automate customer service without losing the personalization that customers want.

Small modifications companies can make to level up the service they deliver.

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