S4-02: Vikki Tobak, Hip-Hop Historian

For the Love of Jewelers: A Jewelry Journey Podcast Presented by Rio Grande

Mar 10 2023 • 53 mins

Writer, journalist and curator Vikki Tobak is the author of Contact High and Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop Jewelry History. In collaboration with pioneering jewelers, rappers and other industry artists, her work—of provocative essays and poignant photography—documents the creative subculture within hip-hop. “Early jewelers had to understand something about hip-hop, which is that hip-hop loves customization, and they love remixing and . . . having something different from everybody else. That applies to the music . . . the fashion . . . and the jewelry,” Vikki says. Listen to a star-studded For the Love of Jewelers podcast episode filled with stories of iconic designs worn by hip-hop’s greats. From Biggie’s Jesus piece to Rocafella chains, this episode is one for the books!

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