S4-01: John W. Ford Sr., Running the Show

For the Love of Jewelers: A Jewelry Journey Podcast Presented by Rio Grande

Jan 26 2023 • 41 mins

CEO of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), John W. Ford, Sr. states, “that if you’re in the sale of colored gems, you need to be associated with ethically-sourced gems.” At the helm of an organization whose members share this mine-to-market mentality, John confidently knows that every AGTA gemstone, “comes with ethics. It comes with disclosure. It is a peace of mind.” John’s jewelry journey began nearly four decades ago. Through entrepreneurship and decades of award-winning designs, his passion for colored gemstones—especially Australian black opals—naturally led him to his current position. Before his inaugural AGTA GemFair™ Tucson, John sat down with For the Love of Jewelers podcast host Courtney Gray to discuss details on colored gemstones, cultured pearls and the latest collaboration between AGTA and Rio Grande. It’s all included in this engaging fourth season premiere episode!

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