Rainbows and Sunshine in a Merger... Not a chance with Erin Holowach

Entrepreneurs of Edmonton

Jul 5 2023 • 57 mins

#040: Do you remember Comfree the private sale option for Real Estate in the early to mid 2000's?  I sure do. It had a crazy growth with signs everywhere to all of a sudden gone. What happened to it.

Join us this episode for a conversation with Erin Holowach who grew Comfree in Edmonton and shares her story about educating the public about a better way to sell your property without crazy commissions. She talks about the insane growth to the real estate correction of 2008 and ultimately the exit out of the business.

This episode covers grieving a lost business to starting it up again 20 years apart. Its a great a conversation with Erin. Join us!

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