Student Housing or Commercial Multifamily? How About Both?! with Greg Bronson, Ep 91

Journey to Multifamily Millions

Apr 11 2024 • 33 mins

Today's guest is Greg Bronson, he has nearly 20 years of industry experience focused on residential property sectors, including student housing, multifamily housing, and senior housing. Head of acquisitions at Ashland Capital, he has closed over $2 billion of transactions throughout his career across acquisitions, refinancings, and recapitalizations leveraging his debt and equity relationships.

Greg talked about his professional journey working at Lehman Brothers, surviving the subprime crisis, and transitioning to commercial real estate. He emphasizes how to find profitable investment opportunities, take advantage of debt and equity partnerships, and give investors attractive risk-adjusted returns.

He discusses the operational differences between multifamily and student housing, the value of diversity, and how current market conditions impact investments. He also shares his thoughts on investing in the face of economic challenges, the importance of connections in the sector, and underwriting.

Episode Topics

[01:30]  Meet our guest, Greg Bronson
[02:01]  From Lehman to Success: A Financial Journey
[01:56]  Surviving the Financial Meltdown: Lessons Learned
[08:49] Exploring the Intricacies of Family Offices and Foreign Investments
[17:01] The Nuances of Student Housing vs. Multifamily Investments
[22:32] Navigating Current Market Challenges and Opportunities
[28:20] What is one red flag every investor should look out for?
[29:32] What is a myth about the real estate business?
[31:58] Connecting to Greg

Notable Quotes

  • "There was no better learning experience during the course of my career than basically trying to survive while the world was crumbling around us." - Greg Bronson
  • "Returning from Iraq during 2007-2008, the financial turmoil felt like entering a different world." - Tim Little
  • "Family offices offer flexibility and broader mandates, unlike institutions, enabling a wider investment scope." - Greg Bronson
  • "Diversifying into US real estate was driven by the opportunity for dollar-denominated investments and high-quality assets." - Greg Bronson
  • "For value-added multifamily, it's crucial to stagger leases to avoid the risk of all expiring at once." - Tim Little
  • "The gap between buyers and sellers persists, but despite challenges, there are still deals meeting our return criteria." - Tim Little
  • "Both multifamily and student housing offer attractive opportunities; it's about identifying the right investment for solid returns." - Greg Bronson

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