Vladi Moseley - Healing with Quantum Healing Hypnosis (#003)

Don't Step on the Bluebells

Aug 24 2023 • 1 hr

#003 - Hypnotherapist Vladi Moseley explains how techniques like past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis allow people to access subconscious wisdom and heal trauma. Learn how quantum hypnosis guides clients into theta brainwave states to connect with their higher self and tap into the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Vladi shares what happens in sessions, extraordinary health benefits and transformations, famous case studies, and resources to learn more. Discover how visiting parallel lifetimes helps shed light on present-day struggles and rewire limiting beliefs. Unlock self-healing potential by letting go of stories and returning to your natural wholeness.

If you're curious about past life regression or want to unlock your higher potential, this intriguing conversation will open your mind to the possibilities.

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