Houseplant Therapy with Hilton Carter + What’s Your Plant Personality

HGTV Obsessed

Jul 15 2021 • 1 hr 7 mins

Hilton Carter shares his journey from first houseplant to becoming a household name and experts share pro plant advice. This week on HGTV Obsessed, Marianne chats with the patron saint of houseplants, Hilton Carter, about his latest projects. He shares the experience of collaborating with Target on a collection and gives an overview of his new Magnolia Workshop series focused on plant knowledge and care. Hilton talks about the latest book in his trilogy, Wild Creations, and his personal favorite projects. Marianne and Hilton have a long discussion about how plant care has taught him to be intentional in his relationships and have prepared him for parenthood before giving his thoughts on what plants deserve the spotlight this year. Host of Bloom and Grow Radio, Maria Failla, reveals how she developed the four plant personalities and how you can find out yours. Maria shares the most common issues she sees with houseplants and her remedies for them. Boutique plant shop owner, Jade Adams, talks about the hottest plants at her shop and her favorite tropical plants to create a jungle-like feel in your space.

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