Refining and Defining Who I am and How I Fit The Role

In The Bunker

Jan 5 2024 • 29 mins


In this episode of "In The Bunker," Frank Schieber, Sr. Demand Generation Manager at Virtusa, shares his personal journey of overcoming employment gaps and the challenges of staying ahead in the fast-paced world of marketing. Frank discusses how he refined and defined his role in the industry, offering valuable insights and advice for those navigating similar career challenges.

Our episode highlights:

  • Frank’s experience with employment gaps and the stigma associated with them.
  • His approach to evolving and adapting in the field of marketing and demand generation.
  • Strategies Frank used to overcome his biggest business challenges.
  • Frank's advice for individuals currently facing career challenges, emphasizing continuous learning, self-definition, and the importance of a strong support system.


Frank Schieber is a metro Atlanta-based marketing expert with a wealth of experience in campaign strategy, management, communications, and analytics for B2B technology brands and select non-profit organizations. He is an influential figure in the field, known for his innovative approaches to marketing and demand generation. Frank holds a Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from The University of Georgia. His academic accolades also include Data Science and Data Analytics certifications from General Assembly. Additionally, Frank serves as Vice President and Board Director for The Carnegie Writers, a Nashville-based volunteer non-profit organization.


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