Wyn Baptiste 'The System isn't broken, it was built that way...'

The New Abnormal

Sep 19 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

In this episode of 'The New Abnormal' I interview the filmmaker, broadcast journalist and presenter Wyn Baptiste. He's currently senior producer of the hugely successful TV drama 'MTV Shuga' which, for anyone not in the know, is essentially an entertainment show with a message aimed at young people; with the action set in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Cote D'Ivoire and most recently in India.

He's made films on the Grenfell Tower disaster, EU Referendum, California Drought, HIV in Nigeria, Mental Health in Britain, International Corruption, The Queen, and Notting Hill Carnival. Wyn has also made documentaries for MTV, BBC and The Economist, along with campaign films for senior political figures. Prior to the above, he was a journalist at the BBC for several years.

During this interview, we discuss a wide array of subjects, ranging from the social/cultural history of the Carnival, to the appalling tragedy of Grenfell, issues relating to social trust vs the pandemic, and the future for activism.  All this being set in a time where, as we recorded the podcast, #BLM demonstrations were taking place regarding the death of George Floyd and statues were being toppled in the US and UK. And in the context of this series, we also discuss the types of responses from brands that are required, along with those that are not...