Quality Leadership Skills in International Schools w/ Robert & Glenn

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Feb 1 2023 • 33 mins

On today’s episode, Robert Stearns (Bob) & Glenn Odland join us on the show as we expound on quality leadership skills in International Schools.

Bob & Glenn are retired heads of international schools currently serving as Senior Leadership Executives with ISS.

In the session, we delve into Bob’s career path from a frustrated Biochemistry researcher, finding there was nothing much beyond the lab bench to become an educator and Glenn’s experience as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Moreover, we discuss how being a TCK builds your resilience & capacity to manage change, as well as how to go up the ranks to becoming head of an international school.

Ultimately, our guests share a powerful message to aspiring leaders, advice to minorities trying to get into leadership roles despite the existing barriers & a wide range of resources to keep up with the best leadership skills.

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[00:26] Introducing today’s co-host, Stephen Plisinski

[01:07] Housekeeping Items

[01:50] About the guest interviewees for the day Glenn & Bob

[03:21] Bob & Glenn’s biggest change they have experienced in international schools

[06:13] How Bob got started with his career in international schools

[08:48] Glenn’s career path

[11:03] Defining TCK & benefits of being a TCK

[13:14] How to go up in the ranks of an international school

[16:11] Message to aspiring leaders

[18:58] Advise minorities trying to get into leadership roles but see the existing barriers

[23:23] Resources to keep up with leadership skills

[30:11] Last piece of advice & how to connect with our guests

Mentioned Books

The Song of the Trees by David George Haskell

Leading in a Culture of Change by Michael Fullan

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Quiet by Susan Cain

The Wounded Healer by Omar Reda

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