The Art of Leading Through Resistance w/ Anne and Gabby

ISS EDUlearn: Ask Me Anything

Nov 8 2022 • 28 mins

Change has always been a factor in international school communities, but recent global events have made the change even more challenging & impactful than ever.

Today, our facilitators guide us in leading the way & navigating organizational resistance.

In the session, we explore reducing organizational resistance by predicting how people might react and addressing the issues before the change happens. Additionally, we delve into why making the change process transparent and helping people understand your principles in decision-making comes a long way in curbing change resistance. However, how much is too much to share?

Ultimately, we discuss why 70% of change efforts fail, having a strong “why” in implementing your change, and what changes we can foresee in schools in the next 12 months.

Tune in for much more!


[01:14] How organizations can reduce resistance to change

[04:13] Making the change process more transparent

[07:49] Having multiple levels of communication in communicating change

[09:05] The solution to resistance is transparency. Is there too much oversharing?

[16:24] Why 70% of change efforts fail

[19:09] Why you need a strong “why” in implementing change

[20:56] The 5 p's (Proper preparation prevents poor performance)

[21:15] What changes can we foresee in schools for the next 12 months

[25:45] Having discussions with communities, understanding what they are going through & implementing change one person at a time

Mentioned Book

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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