Episode 01: Preview to The Thing With Feathers Podcast, birds and hope with Courtney Ellis and non-birder spouse Daryl

The Thing with Feathers: birds and hope with Courtney Ellis

Jan 19 2023 • 40 mins

Welcome to The Thing With Feathers! This preview covers the story behind the show, how birds can unite us, Badly Drawn Birds, #ABirdFromTheLord, why Twitter is the best birding social media, and why Courtney is constitutionally unable to replace the toilet paper roll.

The Thing with Feathers is birds, birding, and hope with an obsessive newbie birder and a wide range of experts and special guests.

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Many thanks to author & professor Todd Peterson for suggesting the perfect name for the pod (and for Emily Dickinson, for having such a lovely poem in the public domain!). Our music is by Del Belcher. The Thing with Feathers is hosted and produced by Courtney Ellis.

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