How to Evolve as a Leader with Tiffany Houser

Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R)

Nov 24 2023 • 32 mins

Join in on my discussion with Tiffany as we talk about imposter syndrome, knowing your worth and value, and how the leadership landscape is shifting.

Tiffany Houser is passionate about people and transformation. As an executive & leadership coach, entrepreneur, and a woman of color, Tiffany knows firsthand about the roller coaster ride of self-worth. As the founder of EVOLVE, Tiffany coaches senior leaders who are ready to experience powerful breakthroughs around their self-worth, authentic leadership style, vision, and purpose.

Tiffany created Self Worth Advantage® based on her work with her leaders who experience feeling like an imposter. Self Worth Advantage® is a framework and approach that uncovers what’s compromising your self-worth to support you transforming it back into confidence and trust. Tiffany's coaching creates massive clarity and confidence by reassuring leaders they're not the only senior leader in a top role or founder experiencing this, and equips them with tools to unpack and transform their self-worth to leave the imposter behind for good.