# 96 - How can I prioritize my nonprofit leadership tasks?

Surviving to Thriving for Nonprofit Leaders

Dec 12 2023 • 17 mins

3 tips for managing priorities for nonprofit leaders

This episode is crafted to help you, the busy nonprofit leader, enhance your leadership skills by refining your approach to tasks, focus and priorities to foster a productive organizational culture.

In this episode, Kathy highlights the importance of understanding your emotions, values, and beliefs and how these factors impact your approach to time management, particularly in leadership roles and especially in the nonprofit and social profit sectors.

In this episode, you’ll

  • Understand how emotions and values impact leadership.
  • Explore effective energy and task management strategies, aligning tasks with your peak performance times.
  • Embrace the power of pausing to make mindful choices about time, energy, and focus.

Tune in to uncover insights on task prioritization and time management tailored for leaders like you.

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COURSE: The Emotions of Time Management

COURSE: Willpower Essentials: Getting Done What Matters Most

COURSE: Values Verification: Validating What’s Important to You

⏰ Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction to Time Management and Emotions

00:31 Invest in Your Leadership Excellence Series

00:46 The Three Pillars of Leadership

03:03 The Challenge of Managing Priorities

03:37 The Impact of Reactionary Work Mode

04:41 Strategies for Increased Productivity

04:44 1) Identify your productive times

05:56 2) Schedule your peak performance tasks

06:21 3) Use your Willpower Wisely

08:37 Creating a Culture of Productivity

09:05 The Mindset Shift for Effective Time Management

09:56 Free Resource: Guide to Help You Pause

10:30 The Emotions of Time Management Course

10:42 The Value of The Training Library

14:56 The Importance of Inner Work in Leadership

16:03 Conclusion: Your Leadership Journey


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