Stop doing safety TO your workers and start doing safety WITH them - with Clive Lloyd

Garry's Shortlist

Jul 6 2021 • 33 mins

Trust is the biggest single predictor of an effective safety culture and companies in general. It’s all about overcoming mistrust and helping companies create the space where their people feel free to speak up and report incidents or admit mistakes, because we are fallible right?.

In today’s episode, I’m going in conversation with Clive Lloyd, Director and Principal Consultant at GYST Consulting. Clive has a background in Clinical Psychology and is also a published author. If you haven’t read ‘Next Generation Safety Leadership: from Compliance to Care’ yet, I highly recommend you do.

With his global Care Factor program, Clive helps companies tweak their internal dialogue, making room for a more mature safety culture where people look out for one another. The low-hanging fruit of better safety management is as simple as 'listening' to your workers. Start getting out there in the field and ask relevant questions. Stop doing safety TO your workers and start doing safety WITH them.

Watch what happens when you involve your front line workers and give them the opportunity to contribute to the safety in your company and on the job. They won’t just be more engaged, it’ll also translate in intrinsic motivation, trust and an overall safer outcomes.

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