The Customer Service Revolution - John DiJulius - Episode #009

CEO Confidential

Jul 29 2021 • 29 mins

John DiJulius, a successful entrepreneur of John Robert’s Spa and The Di-Julius Group, joins host Alex G to discuss creating a unique customer service revolution. After his workforce walked out on him due to substandard employees, John shifted his company’s vision. Instead of compromising his business culture for sales, he established a strict hiring system that brought him passionate and dedicated workers.


  • Ensure that the employees that you hire have the same vision for your company. You need passionate workers that are dedicated to your vision as an entrepreneur
  • Do not compromise your business goals and values for sales. This puts your company in a position of inevitable failure.
  • Good customer service is essential. John made the mistake of hiring employees that lacked effective communication skills, making his company suffer. Not investing in good customer service will destroy your company and its financials.
  • Have a strict hiring process. If you make the mistake of hiring an employee with poor performance, do not keep them in your company. Avoid compromising your company culture for employees that are not qualified for the position.
  • The entrepreneur should be the least valuable short-term asset a company has. If the business owner is the most valuable asset, then they are the company and therefore have no company.


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