49. 2024 Ag Weather Outlook: Everybody Needs Something from Mother Nature, with Eric Snodgrass

The FARMSMART Podcast, presented by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Apr 10 2024 • 31 mins

Let's start with the good news about the North American climate outlook for the 2024 growing season: drought conditions are significantly better than they were last year. However, maybe it's force-of-habit, but growers seem to have more anxiety than usual about weather in the coming growing season, according to Nutrien Ag Solutions science fellow and principal atmospheric scientist Eric Snodgrass. And among the growers he talks to across the continent, he says everyone has something they're hoping for that could make or break their year. So in this episode, we'll dive in to the climatological outlook for every region in North America and try to tell you what kind of help... or hinderance... you can expect from Mother Nature. We'll discuss what the unusually warm winter means for planting operations across the continent, and see how long-term trade winds trends will impact weather patterns. Then, Eric will explain why he expects to see an active severe weather season this Spring, followed by Summer weather that might seem reminiscent of 2016 for some growers.