11-30-2022 Candor Technology: Helping Lenders And Changing The Mortgage Industry With Tom Showalter, Sara Knochel, And Earl Booker III

Lykken on Lending

Nov 30 2022 • 31 mins

The market can be very unpredictable, but even more now, with all the challenges happening in the world. That is why we need to do a better job of keeping out and mitigating risks. Candor Technology has been doing exactly that, helping lenders make the highest quality decision possible across the lending lifecycle. In this episode, David Lykken is joined by three special guests that have built Candor into what it is now: the Founder, Thomas Showalter; CEO of the Data and Analytics Division, Sara Knochel; and the Chief Strategic Planning Officer, Earl Thomas Booker III. Together, they tell us the origin story of Candor Technology, the obstacles they faced, and the solutions they deliver to the mortgage industry. They also let us into the culture of the company, their strategic advantages, and how they overcome competition.