What To Do Now To Prepare Your Children For The Career & Life Tango In Their Future with Guest Kinia Romanowska

The 6570 Family Project

Nov 2 2022 • 47 mins

As a woman so many of us have gone into our careers and passions with 3 false ideas:

1.    What leadership is

2.    What success is

3.    That there is a “balance” between life and career that can be achieved and stabilized.

All 3 of these ideals can act as an inevitable emotional cliff that if we were to prepare sooner, we could have been better suited for. Find out in this conversation the tops 3 things you can do NOW to help your children prepare realistically and enthusiastically for their future!

About the Guest:

My team and I help highly educated moms, who have careers in male-dominated, demanding, high-stress/high-burnout/high-attrition, or competitive fields:

redefine their career-minded mom identity design a strategic personal brand and back-to-work/career plan after kids

* Create a work-life balance that doesn’t leave them constantly overwhelmed, feeling lonely, misunderstood, stressed, torn, and too tired for romance, and uplevel their working mom mindset so that they have more time for themselves, their kids, and partner intimacy – all while getting that next promotion or raise, feeling attractive for their partner (and self!), and feeling empowered to make financial choices that are aligned with their new values as a parent AND working woman.

We also create custom workshops that help corporations cut the costs of losing parent talent and enhance their retention practices by:

· Making retention of parent talent an integrative part of their diversity and inclusion strategy, removing confusion, resentment, and inequity around parental leave transitions

· Designing actionable, maternity and parental leave resources that reduce manager overwhelm and increase employee performance during those transitions

· Designing tools and programs to help their parent employees return to work confident and ready for action after a parental leave

I love to network and provide immediate support to parents who need an action plan.

Contact me directly


📧 info@prosandbabes.com


📓 Sign up for an upcoming workshop to meet other ambitious moms and parents seeking working life integration AND career advancement: workshop.prosandbabes.com

About the Host:

Nellie Harden is a wife of 20+ years, mom to 4 teen/tween daughters, dreamer, adventurer, servant, multipreneur, forever student, and a devoted teacher, but her career passion is her work as a Family Life & Leadership Coaching, especially for parents of young women ages 9-18yo.

Coming from a career background in marine mammal sciences, behavioral work, and a host of big life experiences, both great and some not-so-great, she decided that designing a life of purpose and freedom was how she and her husband, along with their 4 daughters, wanted to live.

Her work and passions exist in the realms of family and parent mentorship because she believes that a family filled with creativity, fun, laughter, challenge, adventure, problem-solving, hugs, good food, and learning can not only change a person’s life but is the best chance at positively changing the world.

She helps parents eliminate power struggles so they can focus on building their daughter’s confidence, wisdom, and respect as young women before they ever leave home.

With a lifelong passion and curiosity in thought, choice, behavior, and growth she has found incredible joy in helping families shift...

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