Christianity + Sustainability | Dr. Jason Roberts

Hopefully Sustainable

Apr 26 2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

Today’s episode is diving into the intersection of sustainability and religion, specifically sustainability and Christianity. We are joined by Dr. Jason Roberts, professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia. He earned a B.A. in Religion from Ashland University in 2004, an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Marquette University in 2008, and his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Marquette in 2013 with an emphasis in Theological Ethics. Dr. Roberts draws from thinkers in a number of Christian traditions to investigate the relationship between theology and the natural sciences. Jaiko met Dr. Jason Roberts during her senior year at UGA where she enrolled in his course, Christianity and Sustainability. Throughout the episode, Dr. Roberts discusses the structure of his course, makes direct connections between Biblical teachings and sustainability, provides advice on how ministries can incorporate sustainability, and leaves listeners feeling hopeful about people from various religious backgrounds coming together to save this gift we have been given, the earth and all its beauty. Look for more information about today’s episode on Instagram @hopefullysustainablepod. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com.