Ep. 26: How To Show Up On Social with Sarah Jane Tolman

A Better Way

Oct 27 2021 • 43 mins

Sarah Jane Tolman is the founder of Valoisa Media - a social media agency that helps business owners show up with intention. Sarah started her business doing part-time freelance work after having her daughter. In only a few short years, Sarah has transformed the work she does into a full-time business (and one that is fully booked for 2021!).

Join Courtney and Danielle as they chat with Sarah Jane about:

  • Using local resources to grow your network and your business (yes, even if your business is digital...)
  • Why it is so important to be intentional every time you open up a social media app - whether for work or for play
  • 3 tips to make Instagram reels easier to create and more effective for your business
  • How giving up drinking transformed Sarah Jane's life and business

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