Asking the Better Question to Create a Portrait of the Graduate

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Dec 9 2020 • 45 mins

Asking the Better Question with Steve Fujii, Battelle for Kids

For the most part, today’s public schools are organized around core curriculum subjects of English/language arts, mathematics, science, and history, with other electives - the arts, career and technical education, and athletics – also available to add value and depth to the school experience.

All of this effort is built on the general premise that the core academic skills are most important, and through other electives and life experiences, students will pick up the “soft skills” they will need for real life.

Is it time to reframe the emphasis on curriculum, skill standards, and core academic assessments to a broader question?

Should we be asking - What are the actual knowledge, skills and attributes a student – a person – needs to be successful in further education, in the world of work, and in their community and family roles?

Assuming that this broader question yields a different answer than just the academic skills needed for postsecondary education, how can we align the work of education around this more holistic approach to career and life readiness?

In this episode with Steve Fujii from Battelle for Kids, we assert that the first step in this journey is for our public schools, with input from their community, to each create a Profile of a Graduate, or what is also called, Profile of a Learner.  In this episode, we learn about the WHY and the HOW of this process.

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About Today’s Guest

Dr. Stephen P. Fujii, a Senior Director at Battelle for Kids, based in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. Fujii has a distinguished background in educational leadership, strategic planning and organizational change. His view of leadership took roots in the US Army as a commissioned officer.  Later he joined the National Guard and entered service as an educator.

Stephen has taught middle school and high school, and held numerous leadership positions, from assistant principal in a Career Academy, Dean of Students, middle school principal, high school principal, director of CTE, Director of school district Operations and finally Superintendent of Marion City Schools.   Steve has earned two graduate degrees in “policy and leadership” from THE Ohio State University.

Additionally, Fujii is a recently elected local Board of Education member with Big Walnut Local Schools.

Through his work with Battelle for Kids, Stephen is one of the lead consultants that work with school districts in helping to ask these questions about career and life readiness and help them create their Portrait of a Graduate.