#39 Harnessing The Power Of “Swing” With Eric Rosow

Forward Obsessed

Sep 7 2023 • 1 hr 9 mins

Eric Rosow is the CEO and Co-founder of Diameter Health. He was previously the Founder and CEO of Premise Corporation and has extensive experience in healthcare technology and entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, Diameter Health’s innovative technology has been adopted by major health systems across the country, and was acquired by Availity in 2022.

In this episode, Rosow shares insights and entrepreneurial stories from across the healthcare landscape. He discusses his journey as a founder, starting with his early days at Hartford Hospital where he identified a need for better data management in healthcare. This led to the creation of Premise Corporation, which developed a bed management dashboard and gained clients including prestigious hospitals and health systems.

Eric delves into the challenges he faced in transitioning from a consulting firm to a product company and how they found their competitive advantage in data improvement processes. He emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and market demand, utilizing the Pragmatic marketing framework.

Throughout the episode, Eric discusses the significance of establishing a strong team and maintaining transparent communication. He also highlights the value of mentorship, recounting his partnerships and the impact they had on his journey as a young founder and CEO.

Through the power of metaphor (and real-life experience) Eric explains his passion for rowing and the transformative power it can have on inner-city youth, drawing parallels between the dedication required in rowing and entrepreneurship. He also reveals his interest in bees, discussing their healing benefits and his recent endeavors into being a beekeeper.


  • (00:00) Intro

  • (1:47) Early years

  • (4:20) Developing the entrepreneurial mindset

  • (6:05) How competitive rowing changed my life

  • (9:25) Brute force vs. “swing”

  • (15:45) Why I started in medical engineering

  • (18:00) Developing “air traffic control” for a hospital

  • (21:02) Transitioning from being an employee to being a founder

  • (23:51) Raising money for my first startup

  • (27:16) How to build a good board for your business

  • (31:20) Getting acquired, almost by accident

  • (36:09) Founding Diameter Health

  • (38:21) What is an “onlyness factor?”

  • (43:50) How to build a great team culture

  • (48:45) Selling Diameter Health

  • (51:33) The art of the start

  • (54:00) What CEO’s can learn from bees



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