Should You Quit Marketing? Part 2

The Terrific Teacherpreneur

Feb 27 2024 • 29 mins

This week’s episode of The Terrific Teacherpreneur is Part 2 of a two-part episode on marketing your TPT store. In this week’s episode I cover whether or not you should quit marketing all together or take an extended break in order to propel your store forward.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why it can be tricky to stop marketing even when its not working
  • When it is okay to full-on quit marketing in the early stages of your business
  • What you should focus on early on instead of marketing
  • When it is okay to step away from marketing and an established seller
  • How to use your time outside of marketing if your store is built up

Pressure we receive from others and the assumption that marketing leads to greater sales can cause guilt and hesitation around quitting marketing platforms. Take time to consider how your efforts in marketing may be better spent elsewhere in your business!

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