#000 - Introduction Yo!

Yo! Podcast

Feb 10 2019 • 1 min

Yo! Friends - This is a short tale on how the Yo! Podcast came about and what to expect from the upcoming show.

Since the break of Yo! S1 on YouTube I’ve been deeeep in research, trying to understand why people like Podcasts so much?

While some like a short burst of Inspiration others like hiking in the mountains and getting lost in slow, soothing 2hr conversion btw 60 years old scientists.

Fair enough but reflecting back to Yo! season 1… colorful, informative, punk rock and the odd goof. I created the show I’d want to see and I’m super proud of it.

The Yo! Podcast will be exactly how I’d want a show interviewing designers, developers and makers. I want intermissions, SFX, high fives….. even the odd true or false quiz to bring out the personality of the guests. Hell yeah!

As always please keep sending feedback. I know I get a bit excited when it comes to those music levels.

Hope you’ll join with me on this Yo! journey, thanks for listening.

Much love,